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30 04 2013


Having spent the past 14 years touring schools within the UK, Gibber have spread their wings and are now taking bookings for their inaugural theatre in schools tour across the globe in Australia.

Working in partnership with Bridges to Higher Education, Gibber are now available for bookings in Greater Western Sydney during term three by contacting our partners in NSW; Soulmanna Live.

Inspiring young Australians in Greater Western Sydney to broaden their education horizons, 'Onwards & Upwards' is a 40 minute high energy, interactive, magazine style production for year 7 students that presents staying in learning post school as fun interesting and accessible.

Based on the success of our many UK based widening participation tours such as Going for Gold Gibber's latest production, 'Onwards & Upwards' will follow the story of three credible year 7 students who will each explore a myth or perceived barrier to staying in learning beyond the compulsory education period. The characters explore different routes that are right for them e.g. academic through HSC or vocational through a school based apprenticeship and how they can be used to progress into TAFE or University.

"This production had everything needed to keep pupils engaged and interested. Performers asked for pupil participation, used the language of the pupils and linked it to everyday popular culture our pupils recognise, Absolutely Brilliant!!"  

For more information or to book this exciting new initiative, funded by  Bridges, presented to you by Gibber and proudly supported by Soulmanna Live please contact:     t. 0433 007 652

For more information about the other services Gibber can offer both in Australia and the UK please take a look around our website or contact:

'Onwards & Upwards' is funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP), as part of the Bridges to Higher Education initiative. Bridges to Higher Education is a partnership of five universities (University of Technology, Sydney; Macquarie University; University of Western Sydney; University of Sydney; and the Australian Catholic University) and 15 other partners. Bridges to Higher Education is a $21.2 million initiative which aims to boost the participation of communities under-represented in higher education. For further information on Bridges to Higher Education contact Rebecca Milne Senior Executive Officer

Gibber Australia Pty Ltd  ACN: 163 385 895




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