Water Efficiency

Schools Water Efficiency Programme


In partnership with Northumbrian Water Group we provide a Theatre in Education program that educates primary school children, their families, and the wider community about the benefits of water efficiency.

To support delivery of NWG key learning outcomes. And raise awareness of the support available to help families reduce their water usage and save money.


Super Splash Heroes is our longest running water efficiency program. It is designed to support Northumbrian Waters ‘Every Drop Counts’ campaign.

We developed the program as an interactive pantomime performance with a follow-on workshop. It brings Northumbrian Water’s fantastic Super Splash Heroes characters to life. A group of four aqua savvy children who spend their time finding ways to waste less water every day. Along with the humorous characters created by Gibber; The Water Wise Gran, The Singing Chef and Uncle Archie they help to deliver NWG key messages in a fun, engaging way.

The interactive pantomime style includes lots of audience participation, bold costumes, and songs. So, it means the children join in, have fun, and take part in a journey. A journey that ends with them wanting to become a Super Splash Hero themselves!

With links to the curriculum, most specifically Geography, Science, English and PSHE it supports teachers to add learning seamlessly into their lesson planning.

Overall, Super Splash Heroes engages schools and children to understand how making small changes to our water using behaviour will benefit us all; motivating them to make small changes. As well as feel great about making a positive difference through the way they save and use water.

“The performance was fantastic, our kids absolutely loved it! Thank you again for facilitating this. It was a fun and memorable way to get the message across.”

Samina Jaffar, Deputy Headteacher, Goodmayes Primary School


3 Year Delivery Stats

97,000 primary school children informed and inspired to waste less water.

580 performances delivered

520 primary schools across the North East, Essex and Suffolk visited

In evaluation teacher’s often say the program is an excellent way to get the message across. They are impressed by how much information the pupils learn. They highlight the quality of the production and performers, the characters, songs, multimedia, and interaction. All parts together have a positive impact on the children.

100% of teachers questioned rated the performance positively

100% of pupils questioned rated the performance positively

100% of teachers questioned would like Super Splash Heroes repeated in the future

“Your presentation has made a lasting impression and will carry an important water-saving message home.”

Mr J Allan, St Mary’s CE Primary, Woodham Ferrers

Students consistently tell us that they understand and know the things they can do at home to use less water. And perhaps most importantly they are keen to let us know who they will tell about the Super Splash Heroes and ways to waste less water.

We are very proud of the great feedback we receive about Super Splash Heroes. The reputation for quality and expertise we have gained within schools. We were happy to be recognised in Northumbrian Water’s annual GEM awards, winning small supplier of the year in 2017. As well as making the shortlist for unrivalled customer experience in 2019.

“The Super Splash Heroes have changed my life forever.”

 Student, Blundeston CEVCP School


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