Change Management

Change Management. Gateshead Council Children & Young People Workforce


Gibber are chosen to develop and deliver a series of bespoke change management Drama Based learning and development events. These are to facilitate the start of the New Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Team Around the Family (TAF) across the Children & Young Peoples Workforce in Gateshead.


The sessions use live scenarios to explain the rationale behind the new framework. As well as provoke discussion around why there is a need for it. The events are a practical way to show how the new procedures work. They are also an excellent way to promote a multi-agency approach and encourage partnership working.

Gibber also produce a DVD to support multi-agency practitioners currently working across the Children and Young People’s Workforce. The DVD embeds the integrated working aspect of The Every Child Matters agenda. It supports practitioners through a period of change and enables them to embrace a different way of working together. As a result it improves outcomes for children, young people and families.

“I would, without question, recommend Gibber to any organisation undertaking development work.”

Linda Kelly, Development Officer, Change For Children

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