Discover the driving force behind Gibber. What makes us tick, the secrets to success and how the company has evolved over the years.

About Us

Life’s rich tapestry…all about Gibber

Meet the directors, Tim Watt and Victoria Blackburn. Find out in their own words all about the world of Gibber and our history! From life before Gibber and the early days, to the infamous media screen and the progression into drama based training. Not forgetting what the future holds. It is all here in this series of short interviews, put together as part of Gibber’s ‘21 years of inspiring positive change’ celebrations.

Interview 1 (3 mins) – what makes us tick… 


Interview 2 (7.5 mins) – what’s the secret…

Interview 3 (12 mins) – life before Gibber… why we do what we do

Interview 4 (8 mins) – what happened next… the early days Tim and Vicky

Interview 5 (15 mins) – bring in the media screen… why and how it changed business

Interview 6 (6 mins) – key to our success… 

Interview 7 (4 mins) – Christmas shows and pantomimes

Interview 8 (6 mins) – drama based training…

Interview 9 (6 mins) – what next…

If you would like to know more about the people who work with Tim and Vicky to inspire positive change, take a peek at the Team page.

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PO Box 236, South Shields, NE33 9FW

+44 (0)191 252 2039

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77 Mann Street, Gosford, NSW 2250

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