Corporate Vision

Corporate training and development for Benfield


First of all, Benfield Motor Group Managers receive a “film in a day” corporate training session. Then, Gibber use the evaluation findings to devise and deliver a Drama Based Training solution. The training introduces the company’s new vision statement and core values to all staff across 30 car dealerships.


Using scripted scenarios and facilitated discussion staff look at the reason behind the new vision. As well as the difference it will make to the future of Benfield.

With a focus on the importance of the whole workforce, Gibber actively encourage staff to work together. Colleagues from different departments talk openly in groups about dealership strengths and weaknesses. This is fed back to the Directors, who take positive action to address problem areas and share good practice.

By using well researched, humorous drama based activities, Gibber create a forum where negativity and reluctance to change are challenged. As a result, the events help to break down barriers. They also help to highlight that the new vision and core values will evolve to support staff development and continuity across all dealerships. Therefore, enabling the company to continue to grow and move forward, to the mutual benefit of all Benfield employees.

In conclusion, the experience left much of the Benfield workforce with a renewed motivation. Most of all, it gave them the enthusiasm to embrace and apply the new company vision within their own jobs.

“Engaging and informative, to hold the attention of what I consider to be a fairly jaded bunch of people was quite a feat in itself. 

I was genuinely impressed by the whole thing.”

Employee, Benfield Motors


Do you fancy a change from run-of-the mill corporate training? Get in touch, our Drama Based Training will impact positively on staff morale and contribute to continuous improvement in the workplace.

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