Invisible Theatre

Invisible Theatre Live Event


A commission by one of the world’s most ambitious contemporary gardens. Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland set the challenge to create an innovative invisible theatre live event with delivery in and around The Alnwick Garden.  The main aim being to explore youth issues and risky behaviour.


Gibber develop a high energy interactive ‘Reality Road Show’. In the show students happen upon a series of dynamic, hard hitting scenarios that show young people indulging in varying degrees of risky behaviour. This includes alcohol related anti-social behaviour, cannabis misuse and compromised sexual behaviour including ‘sexting’.

The Reality Roadshow focuses upon the negative consequences of risk taking behaviour. Therefore offering a forum in which young people can express their opinions and fears. Additionally, at the same time dispels myths surrounding substance misuse, sex and relationships and signposts young people to positive activities and support services across the region.

“I am really happy with the work Gibber do. I can’t think of anybody else like yourselves who does it as professionally and gets the message across.”

Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland

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