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A partnership with The Water Conservancy  to create a live theatre water education incursion for primary schools across Australia; Walter Smart and Friends.

This fun, pantomime style performance and interactive follow-on workshop compliments key aims of the K–6 Australian Curriculum for Science and HASS. While linking perfectly with the emphasis on sustainability as a priority for study across all learning areas and subjects.


Designed for the whole school, the energetic multimodal program features original music, songs, comedy, costumes, and multimedia. As well as lots of interaction plus visual and auditory engagement. Together, these elements appeal to all learning styles, captivate a young audience, and boost key water efficiency messages. Empowering students to make changes to their water using behaviour.

Overall students enjoy the interactive experience which educates them about water conservation in a way that increases engagement and learning outcomes. It shows children how we use water and how wasteful we can be. As well as how we can make small changes to help protect the environment and help manage water for future generations.

Walter Smart Testimonial

Follow-on resources help embed key learning outcomes:

“Thank you for what was obviously a very well researched show which really connected with the kids and I think will be remembered. The follow-up materials are great also!”

Fiona Towler, YR 4, Teacher Chancellor Primary School


During April and May 2021, Water and sewerage service provider Unitywater sponsored a successful pilot program.

Approximately 4507 students in 20 primary schools across Unitywater regions Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Noosa participated.

100% of teachers questioned would like Walter Smart and Friends repeated in the future.

100% of students questioned think that performance is a good way to learn.

98% of teachers questioned rated the performance as excellent (98%) very good (2%).

91% of students questioned rated the performance as excellent (91%) very good (8%) or good (1%).

In evaluation teacher’s comment on the performance as an effective way to promote the message to children and embed learning. Additionally, they highlight all the different elements together – production and performers, characters, songs, media screen, and interaction, as having a positive impact on young peoples attitudes and behaviour.

“Well done crew! This was an age appropriate, high energy and engaging way to present an important message. It was evident from the way the children listened and attended and laughed and cheered that it was effective and appropriate. Thanks so much.”

Nichole Mallyon, YR 3, Teacher Chevallum State School

Walter Smart Testimonial 2

At the end of the program, students love to answer questions about saving water, demonstrating they understand everything they’ve learned. From turning the tap off when brushing their teeth to taking shorter showers and everything in between. It’s clear that they have greater knowledge and mindfulness about how to use water wisely. They leave with a positive attitude that what they do can make a difference. What’s more, they are eager to pass on the information and tell others all the simple ways they too can use water smartly.

“If we work together, we can make a difference for everyone by shorter use of water. Amazing performance. Very Good. I learnt about water and had fun.”

YR 6 Student, St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School

What’s next

Water is a precious resource. We understand how important is to life on earth and the communities we live in. We are proud of our partnership with The Water Conservancy and partners whom help us support learning in the classroom. Focusing specifically on the F–6 Australian Curriculum for Science and HASS, linking perfectly with the emphasis on sustainability as a priority for study across all learning areas and subjects.  

Our water education teams have informed and inspired primary students across schools in Queensland, Tasmania and Regional NSW   

Our water efficiency program is easily adapted to include your key messages. 

If you would like to know more about our water efficiency incursions please get in touch. You might also like to take a look at our other education programs.

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