Breaking Underage Drinking

The Smashed Project


Gibber were sponsored by Diageo Australia as part of their commitment to reduce underage drinking and alcohol-related harm, to bring The Smashed Project their highly acclaimed global Theatre in Education program to schools across Australia.


Gibber worked extensively with young Australians to adapt the script and produce a credible piece of theatre that would engage with and inspire an Australian audience. Gibber are the first company to introduce a multi-media element into the performance. Designed to reinforce key learning objectives in a visual way and acknowledging young teens identify that social media can sometimes be the new risky behaviour associated with the consequences of underage drinking. We incorporated the use of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram into the performance, bringing the world of social media to life.

Smashed Australia is a hard-hitting interactive multi-media performance that uses the experience of three credible teenage characters to explore the dangers and consequences that alcohol can have on a young person’s life. The characters relationships, health, safety and career aspirations are all put in jeopardy by the decisions they make as a result of peer pressure to engage in underage drinking. The audience interact with the characters and are challenged by our facilitators to offer advice and are encouraged to discover realistic ways to deal with peer pressure which empowers them to behave responsibly and make healthy life choices.

Underpinned with links to the Australian National Curriculum and Australian laws around underage drinking the project consists of two main elements;

Performance (30 minutes)

Interactive Workshop (30 minutes)

 “Diageo invests significantly to support a positive alcohol culture among adults and reducing alcohol-related harm in our community. I’m thrilled that through our local partner Gibber Australia, we’re now bringing The Smashed Project to Aussie teens and giving them a forum to have an open conversation about the dangers of alcohol and the long-term negative impacts of underage drinking.”

David Smith, Managing Director, Diageo Australia


Since 2018, a total of 61,000 young people have taken part in The Smashed Project in Australia. 362 performances have been delivered in 315 schools across NSW, The ACT, QLD and VIC. Gibber also delivered a launch event at both the QLD and NSW Parliament for state MPs and Ministers.

Following the performance, 85% of pupils say they are unlikely to drink alcohol underage.​

97% of pupils enjoyed the performance and workshop and 98% thought it was a good way to learn about the dangers of underage drinking.​

100% of teachers say the program was well produced and presented and 98% say their students understand more about the dangers of underage drinking than they did before.​

100% of teachers would like the program to return next year. ​

 “I was really blown away by the professionalism of the performance. The high energy, the use of music, the references to all the contemporary things that our kids are talking about, social media in particular I thought that was excellent. Everything met their needs. The performance was so engaging, lively and contemporary.”

Tanya Daley, St Joseph’s Regional College

This program establishes Smashed Live as a credible model for delivering underage drinking education in Australia. Gibber will continue working to refine the program further and to build on these results and reach many more young people across Australia.​​


Our Theatre in Education (TiE) programmes use live theatre, filmed scenarios and multimedia to build respect and trust and change behaviour and attitudes. Contact us for further information. You may also like to read our Deliberate Fire Starting and Environmental Education case studies.

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