Love Your Drain Campaign

Love Your Drain


In November 2016 Gibber began working in partnership with Northumbrian Water Group to support Northumbrian Water’s educational work with children and the local communities they serve. A key aim of the project was to help reduce blockages in NW sewer network and the resulting flooding of customers’ homes by raising awareness of ‘Dwaine’s Dash’ app. As well as, inspire young people to pass on the information learnt regarding Dwaine’s catch phrase ‘only toilet paper pee and poo go down the loo’ to their parents/ carers and families.


You’ve Been Flushed is an interactive pantomime performance featuring a puppet of Northumbrian Water’s fantastic mascot, Dwaine Pipe. Dwaine along with friendly credible characters devised by Gibber, educate primary school children about the things that can and can’t be put down the toilet or sink so that the drains in their home and the wider sewer network don’t get blocked. Dwaine eats toilet paper, pee and poo and becomes poorly when he eats items such as wipes, nappies and cotton buds. The show combines original music, live theatre and multimedia to captivate and motivate a young audience:

“The fantastic Dwaine Pipe Puppet made the children realise the impact of what could happen to the drains”.

Mrs L A Martin, Head Teacher, Stanhope Primary School


81 performances delivered.

Over 13,000 Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils will participate in the programme by the end of 2018.

Statistics provided by NW show that as a direct result of the You’ve Been Flushed performance children have been influenced to download and play the Dwaine Dash App. The download activity for each day of the show run from 17th March to 7th April 2017 evidences’ that pupils felt inspired and motivated by the performance. They have been encouraged to download the Dwaine Dash App which will positively influence them to share their increased knowledge with their family and friends and put into practice what they have learnt.

Data Number Compared to same period previous months
Total downloads  1,381 +210%
Game page viewed in App store  189 +210%
Active devices daily  171 +125%
Times game played for more than 2 seconds  8,227 +142%

100% of teachers questioned rate the performance positively.

100% of pupils questioned rate the performance positively.

100% of teachers questioned stated they would recommend You’ve Been Flushed to others.

    “Thank you for the performance today.  Our children really enjoyed it!  The actors were very enthusiastic and put on a great show whilst sharing important messages”.

Teacher, Evenwood C of E School

Take a look at the Gibber news section to find out more about the impact of Dwaine Pipe. You can also read about Super Splash Heroes, another of our Theatre in Education projects with Northumbrian Water.

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