Networking Strategies

Networking Strategies

Drama Based Training for UQ Business School.

Gibber were approached by The University of Queensland Business School to devise and deliver a drama based training workshop. The aim of the workshop was to look at networking strategies and bring the idea of networking to life for their new MBA students.

Depending on your personality or level of experience, the idea of attending a networking event can be a daunting prospect that leaves many people with fear and dread. Its something that most people within business recognise they need to do but something that seemingly only a few people want to do or know how to do.

The initial networking workshop for UQ Business School took place as part of orientation in January. It challenged the students to push themselves out of their comfort zone to explore exactly what networking is, what it involves and the benefits of doing it well for their career progression.

For information about what Drama Based Training is please take a look at our blog and for examples of Drama Based Training browse our Business case studies. Please also feel free to call us for a chat if you need any additional details.

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