Ten Water Saving Tips

Water Saving Tips

Save water every day

Our Theatre in Schools water education programme ‘Super Splash Heroes’ that we develop and deliver for Northumbrian Water spreads the ‘Get Water Wise’ message. Educating children and their families about the importance of water saving and ways to waste less water every day.

As it’s so important that we use water wisely, we’ve pulled together our top 10 water saving tips from the show to share with you:

  1. Turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth. Leaving it running wastes up to six litres of water each time.


  1. Store tap water in a covered container in the fridge, that way you won′t need to run to the tap each time you need a cold drink.


  1. Order a water saving kit.


  1. Make sure there is a plug in the basin and use it to save running the tap.


  1. If you have a dual flush toilet, use the short flush where possible.


  1. Clean vegetables and rinse cutlery in a bowl instead of under a running tap.


  1. Did you know that a dripping tap could waste as much as 26 litres per day? Check for dripping taps and replace worn washers as necessary.


  1. Use a bowl for washing up rather than a sink.


  1. Only start your washing machine and dishwasher cycles when you have a full load. Most washing machines use between 45 and 70 litres of water per cycle!


  1. Invest in a water butt and collect rainwater for a dry period.



Visit Northumbrian Water for further information and advice about saving water. For details on using Theatre in Schools programmes to communicate your message and deliver learning objectives in a fun, memorable way please contact us.

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